Lifelock Lawsuit – Is This A Legitimate Process?

Lifelock lawsuit: is this a scam or legitimate opportunity? The website seems to be legitimate and the information is correct. However, when I first got on the website it seemed like it was directed more towards online marketing and advertising than a lawsuit system. After spending several hours on the site, I did find out that there are three products being sold through the Lifelock lawsuit. The main product is a training course, but also two other products that seem pretty worthless. After wasting an entire day on the website, I decided to write this review in hopes of informing others of what I have experienced.

A Fraud Attorney – First of all, I believe the Lifelock lawsuit is a fraud. The entire concept behind the website is fraudulent, since they are asking for money to get a service that cannot be delivered. Also, their sales pitch is misleading since a lawyer can not just give you a legal quote for your case. Also, the website talks about “lifetime guarantees” and “no questions asked”. These are strong indications that they are selling a service which is not authentic. There are laws in place that prevent this type of fraud, so I would advise anyone from falling into the same trap.

A Lawyer – The website talks about a “lawyer” who will be able to help you with your claims. This is false since lawyers do not have the skills required to help you with the process. Lawyers can only give you advice and cannot actually help you with filing your claims. It is true that most lawyers do not offer these services because it costs them a lot of time and they need to get paid in order to do these things. But, most people who are in financial trouble cannot afford to hire a lawyer and the website is only asking for $99 to get started.

How Process Works – The process that the website is selling does not work. Most frauds happen because someone was smart enough to get into a situation where they could easily manipulate the process. This is why most frauds never go to court. This is a big reason why people should never pay money for anything from a website like Lifelock.

Who is it For? – The website clearly states who they are selling the process to. It lists medical professionals and claims that they work with. They also list doctors and lawyers who had won fraud claims in the past. This could be helpful if you are looking to file a lawsuit.

Legal Facts – The process does include legal facts that are important to understand before proceeding. It is a good idea to read through this information thoroughly, including the disclaimers. If you find any legal inaccuracies, it would be better to contact a fraud attorney who can explain these issues. The disclaimers state that the statements in this process are not meant to replace the advice of a lawyer.

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