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Class Action Lawsuit Against The College Network

Recently I read an interesting article about a class action lawsuit against the college industry. It appears to be a legitimate complaint and I would like to discuss it here in this article. Why? because I believe this type of lawsuit will bring the truth to light about the exploitative nature of our higher education system. And we must resist the liberal socialist agenda before it is too late.

In her article “The Class Action Lawsuit Against the College Network” (no Affiliate links) author Katie Allison states: “A class-action lawsuit may seem like an extreme step for trying to hold the College Network accountable, but I think it’s worth taking a shot at. If anyone has information on this please tell me more about it, especially since it’s a very touchy issue for people who have been cheated on by the college industry.” Well, Ms. Allison is a victim of predatory lending by the college industry, so I asked her if she had any information on whether or not her husband was employed by the College Network. She did. I do not know if that stopped him from receiving his degree online, but I would imagine it did.

Further Ms. Allison continues, “if someone has direct experience with this scam, then maybe they should come forward and talk about their experiences. Otherwise, the scam artists have only begun and the work has only just begun, to dig you even deeper into debt.” Yes, I agree, that is a very wise idea and yet, you see the problem with many of the lawsuits being filed today. As mentioned earlier, this lawsuit is probably just the tip of the iceberg and there are many more lawsuits pending in various states regarding the same subject matter.

It appears that in this case it was the credit union that provided the money that enabled this predatory lending to take place and indeed this is what the class-action lawsuit was filed on. In my professional opinion, this lawsuit is simply another way that some people used their “inside” information to climb the economic ladder while defrauding millions of people. These people prey on vulnerable young people who are trying to get a college education. These young people were misled into thinking that the credit union was going to provide them with an online degree certificate when in reality, they were signing a contract to purchase a college education from the credit union themselves. Further, many of the students had no intention of actually finishing the classes as they were not interested in pursuing a degree online at all.

As we have discussed in past articles, the lawsuit is yet another example of how unscrupulous people used their inside information to their advantage. These people provided fabricated information to the credit union, which allowed the company to provide false incentives to the applicant. These applicants were basically enticed into believing that they were getting an excellent online education when the reality was far different. The lawsuit provides further examples of this predatory lending. For example, one of the applicants took money from the escrow account and applied for a federal student loan that would be paid via a Federal Direct Loan. While many people might brush off the idea of applying for a Federal Direct Loan, the fact is that these types of loans are backed by the Federal Government and are given out with much less stringent requirements than most private loans.

It is my belief that if these applicants had followed the terms and conditions of the class-action lawsuit, they would have been better protected. It is my opinion that if you are seeking legal counsel regarding any matter, you should never take any kind of “short cut” or any “altar” or anything that is deceptive in nature. You should always go through the legal channels. Further, this lawsuit is yet another reminder that fraudulent lending can occur even in the name of helping out people. People who seek out legitimate help to get out of debt should not let greed turn them into victims.

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  1. 20 years later after I was scammed by the college network … they took me to court, my paycheck is now garnished 15% each week to pay back a contract for $3800 plus interest total amount $5800… this scam happened in Illinios. Can anyone help me ?

  2. I was absolutely a victim of the college network. I started online classes for my RN and have actually paid it off without completing the courses. When I attempted to resume my courses and reached out to TCN, I was told they are no longer and I wasn’t able to get any forwarding information.

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