Harbortouch Class Action Lawsuit

Class Action Lawsuit Against Home Warranty Covering Company

The My Harbor Class Action Lawsuit was filed in June of 2009. This was brought about by the loss suffered by the residents and families of the coastal town of Harbour, Massachusetts in the aftermath of Hurricane Dennis. The damage resulted in the closing of the businesses in the Harbor area, and many residents were forced to leave the area. This article will provide information on the My Harbor Class Action Lawsuit.

The suit is a Class Action Lawsuit against the manufacturer of the storm door mechanism known as “Doralouch”. It is claimed that Doralouch caused an explosion of interest in the public from both homeowners and non-homeowners alike. The mechanism failed as a result of its design and construction. The lawsuit further claims that Doralouch caused the increased levels of deaths and injuries due to flooding from high tides. The Class Action Lawsuit further claims that the negligent manufacturers have failed to take proper precautions to prevent the high tides and associated flooding from occurring.

As part of the case, you will be required to obtain an insurance policy that covers you and your family. You should also obtain an insurance policy that covers your belongings and personal effects. The insurance company of the defendant is called the “insurer” or “insurance company”. Your claim number is also provided on the Class Action Lawsuit. This number is usually followed by the insurance company.

On the day that the Class Action Lawsuit is filed, you will be provided a certificate of service. The certificate should be enclosed with your lawsuit paperwork. It should also come attached with a confirmation that the paperwork has been submitted and accepted. Once the documents have been submitted and accepted by the courts, then the case is ready to proceed to court.

The plaintiff’s attorney is called the “plaintiff” or “defendant” in this case. The “plaintiff” here is you! Your lawsuit will involve a settlement amount that you can claim to a designated beneficiary. The “defendant” is the insurance company that you are dealing with. The “insurance company” is also called the “insurer”.

There are various ways to pursue such a case. The court system has mechanisms for accepting such cases. A typical way to pursue such a lawsuit would be to file a lawsuit in the county where you live. However, there may be local challenges to the suit which will make the whole process more difficult.

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