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What Is a Product Liability Case?

Product liability refers to a manufacturer or producer of products that have placed unsafe, dangerous, or defective products in the hands of the consumer. If their carelessness or ignorance of safety results in physical emotional or mental harm to the user of their product then the manufacturer becomes liable.

It is the responsibility of everyone involved in the production and creation of a product to make sure that it is safe for the public and for anyone that could use their product. Although some items are inherently dangerous, sufficient warning and safety guidelines must still be followed as per state law.

Unfortunately, however, many people do not even know about product liability and much less that, with a good product liability lawyer, they could be owed a large claim for everything that the company’s negligence put them through.

Those Who Can Be Held Responsible

  • The main manufacturer of a product
  • The manufacturer of specific parts within the manufactured product
  • The company that installs, assembles or puts the product together.
  • The seller that sold the product to you.

Ways A Product Can Be Deemed Defective Or Unsafe

A Defect In The Marketing:

These usually refer to insufficient safety warnings, unclear or unspecific instructions, incorrect labeling, or misleading advertising.

A Defect In The Design:

Some items have design flaws that make them dangerous or doomed to fail in a harmful way. For example, if every new iPhone overheated and exploded after 1000-2000 hours of use then that would be a flaw in the design of the product. A poor design can have untold repercussions for the consumers.

A Defect Via The Manufacturing:

This includes everything and everything that can go wrong throughout the course of creation and assembly. Even if the design sound, errors can still occur throughout the factory process.

What Can You Do?

Well instead of letting those that caused you harm, potentially have the same carelessness in the future, to the point where they harm someone else, you should take action. If not just for yourself then, for other consumers who are going through the same thing.

To do this you need to hire a product liability firm who can thoroughly examine the situation, walk you through your options and present your case effectively. Product liability claims can be quite complex, especially when dealing with larger companies. However, with the help of a professional lawyer, you can make your claim and come out triumphant.

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