Turning Winds Academic Institute Lawsuit

“Mining Memories” Review

Turning Winds is a new eBook that reviews the new academic, business, and personal development resources available through Turning Winds. Author Christinaender creates an engaging character in each of the seven chapters. Each chapter begins by describing the setting up of the characters and plot outlines the events that occur throughout the book. The reader will be kept engaged from start to finish as Christinaender covers her subject matter in such an informative, enjoyable, and easy to use manner.

The book reviews “The Personal Power of Attorney: Maximizing Your Claim Against the Academic Institute of Texas.”

The plaintiff in this case, David Cooksey, was a University of Texas applicant who was denied membership due to his personal injury. He then filed a lawsuit against the school and the admissions board for his rights to be an applicant. As this story is so typical, it will touch on personal injury as well as law, ethics, and litigation. The book is chock full of case studies, illustrations, and legal information to help readers retain their knowledge about the topic.

In “Mining Memories,” which follows much of the same format as the previous two books in the series, Turning Winds provides another excellent read.

In this one, plaintiffs and attorneys to turn to technology to make sense out of their litigation. This is helpful because technology can often help to avoid costly mistakes and to present a clearer picture of what happened in a case. Attorneys are better able to assess a case’s strengths before they begin to draw conclusions and case strategies.

“Mining Memories” provides further information about the university, its students, and faculty.

It describes how the University of Texas is structured and how it relates to the plaintiff’s particular claim. The information also goes into the personal lives of those involved with the litigation. This allows the reader to picture themselves as a plaintiff or attorney for themselves and to see the other side of the story from the perspective of a neutral party.

Turning Winds continue the litigation from a personal perspective, but with a twist.

Unlike the first two books, this book not only takes a legal and ethical stance, but also offers an emotional and spiritual outlook into the situation at hand. Attorneys must be emotionally prepared to read about the trials that they have lost in order to gain a different perspective on how they should approach similar cases going forward. It is also comforting to learn that Turning Winds is not the first such text regarding personal injuries.

Lawyers who are looking for a good, new perspective on a personal injury case will likely enjoy “Mining Memories.”

There is plenty of courtroom jargon, but much of the information is accessible to the general reader. Attorneys may choose to read more about mining memories or they may decide to take on a new case all together. It’s all here in this accessible, engaging, and enlightening text.

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