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Defining a Filipino lawyer as a deadpan troll, Elgin Mones is part industry watchdog, part comedy writer. Elgin takes on the extreme stupidity of the fitness industry and its leaders including CrossFit, Kali-Muscle, Elli-Muscle, Mike Chang, and others. He satirizes them all, from reader attacks to industry-wide stupidity.

Elgin Mones

Filipino powerlifting attorney Elgin Mones moonlights as a fitness industry critic. His pet peeves include poor technique, CrossFit, bad grammar, body positivity, and bullshit peddling fitness personalities. Elgin is also an advocate of eating healthily, collecting watches, and wearing formal clothing. If you’re curious about the benefits of a workout, check out his videos, or subscribe to his newsletter.

CrossFit has a copyright policy that prohibits videos that poke fun at its business practices. Those videos have been removed from Mones’ YouTube channel after the company complained and asked YouTube to remove them. Despite this violation of copyright law, a Maryland attorney is making a name for himself. His videos have gained massive attention, reaching the front page of Reddit, where they’ve attracted over 2,300 comments.

Infinite Elgintensity lawyer

An edgy YouTube fitness community watchdog with a deadpan delivery, Infinite Elgintensiety is a perfect blend of wit and cynicism. Elgin’s content often mocks the extreme fitness industry, including CrossFit, Kali-Muscle, Elli-Muscle, Mike Chang, and a whole lot more. But most of all, the YouTube channel serves a very important role in the fitness community.

After Chris Jones claimed ownership of the channel, Elgintensity responded to the trolls and called them “the Asian reporter.” In addition to calling Boogie an ‘Asian’, Elgintensity also makes jokes about bodybuilding legends including Vince G, Samson, and Eliott Hulse. His videos have hundreds of thousands of followers.

Infinite Elgintensity

An Infinite Elgintensy lawyer may be necessary if this popular YouTuber is suing a company. Elgintensity is a bodybuilder who has a racial and religious affiliation. In addition to being a neo-Nazi, he has also been accused of promoting violence. During his recent lawsuit against a company, he was caught allegedly using racial and religious language.

This YouTuber has gained an audience of over 500 thousand subscribers. In his videos, he makes fun of fitness gurus and satirizes extreme industry stupidity. His YouTube channel features countless videos from ‘fail compilations’ to his bodybuilding routine. A certified lawyer, Mones started his YouTube channel as a side-gig. He still practices law. Infinite Elgintensity also offers a full hormone panel. If you are considering getting a hormone panel, he offers a discount.

Vince G

When Vince G, Elgin-city’s creator, reacted to the accusations of cheating, he vowed to do what it takes to win. The former YouTube star, who has millions of followers, had been in the spotlight for months after the infamous video went viral. In the video, Vince ripped into the CrossFit games and athletes, pointing out their poor form. While some people disagreed with his rant, many believed that he was simply making a point.

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