Claims Against Allied Universal Security Company

On behalf of the members of the Law Office of Christopher Q. Davis, a lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Florida on behalf of Allied Universal Airlines, Inc. The Law Office of Christopher Q. Davis is also filed an additional overtime lawsuit against Allied Universal, Inc. on behalf of all accrued overtime pay to the individual air traffic controllers at John F. Kennedy International Airport in Florida. These air traffic controllers are required by the federal regulations to work additional hours beyond the regular employment established by the airlines because of the time crunch at the busy airports. They are also required to have specific qualifications that are more advanced and highly trained to work in these conditions. One such requirement requires the air traffic controller to have an expertise in reading emergency signals as well as to have experience in processing emergency reports from passengers. It should be noted that this requirement may only be used as a last resort and is not intended to be an automatic right of assignment to work additional overtime.

This lawsuit is one of the class action lawsuits that were filed against Allied Universal. This class action lawsuit involves a number of issues including breach of contract, negligence, unjust enrichment, retaliation, violations of privacy, etc. It is not clear what the basis of the lawsuit is. However, according to this lawsuit, it was found that Allied Universal failed to hire enough security guards to protect the plane passengers from harm while on board and also failed to train their security guards properly. The lawsuit further claims that the airline company failed to train its guards adequately regarding passenger safety and the importance of maintaining proper records, among other things. The airline company had also been found to be in violation of federal aviation regulations by failing to conduct adequate investigations on the probable causes of accidents that resulted in injuries or even death to other passengers on the airplane.

The general concept behind class action lawsuits is that if a large number of people have suffered injuries or losses as the result of negligence on the part of a company or person, then the members of the class will be able to receive financial compensation for their troubles. This is where the Allied Universal comes into the picture. The lawsuit against Allied Universal highlights several issues including lack of adequate security measures, inadequate training and supervision, failure to ensure that the required documentation was kept, wrongful termination, negligent supervision, and failure to make good on promised overtime. A class action lawsuit has the potential to have very significant results. Such lawsuits also enable the victims to seek reprieve for damages that they may have incurred due to Allied’s negligence.

As per the complaint, there have been several instances where Allied Universal Airlines was aware of numerous problems and yet failed to remedy them. The passengers on board a US Airways flight were subjected to very low fares and extraordinary rates of customer service just so that the company could extract a profit. The lawsuit further states that one of the reasons why the passengers of the plane did not receive adequate care and protection was because the security guard at the American Airlines gate did not carry out his duties according to the rules and regulations. The airline company failed to discharge its responsibility and should be held responsible for its actions.

In another case, an injured passenger had filed a lawsuit against the Allied Universal Services Company after he sustained serious injuries in a road accident. According to the complaint filed by the passenger, the security company failed to provide adequate medical attention on time and did not help at all when the passenger’s condition worsened. The lawsuit further states that the passengers were provided with seat belts and the plane was not equipped with emergency exit doors. The plane eventually crashed near an airport, killing all on board including the plaintiff.

There are many more such examples that can be filed against this company. These lawsuits have the potential to draw the attention of the relevant authorities as well. Such cases can either be filed personally by a person or they can be filed by an organization. It is important to note that filing a lawsuit against this security firm does not mean that the lawsuit has to succeed. Only when the company fails to provide the security service as promised and commit wrongful acts will one’s lawsuit to get a successful outcome. Filing lawsuits is therefore an ideal way of getting justice.

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