What Are Retrievable Claims Of Employer retaliation?

An employer retaliation lawsuit is an attempt by an employee to hold an employer official accountable for discriminatory actions in the workplace. An employer who punishes an employee for complaining about illegal conduct is considered guilty of discrimination. Similarly, an employer who retaliates against an employee for discussing human rights issues is considered guilty of …


A Walmart Class Action Lawsuit Timeline

What is a Walmart Class Action Lawsuit Timeline? The answer to that question is rather simple. In a nutshell, it’s the process that you would go through if you were to file a Walmart Class Action Lawsuit. If you decide to sue Wal-Mart and they refuse to settle the case, then you would then take …


LG Washer Class Action Lawsuit

A LG washer is a very common piece of equipment for many people around the world. It’s fairly common for an LG washing machine to be replaced several times per year due to normal wear and tear which will eventually result in it needing replacement. This is where a LG washer class action lawsuit comes …

Personal Injury

Unum Lawsuit Lawsuits in America

Unum lawsuit is one of the leading suits filed in recent years against medical providers and medical institutions. The suit is brought on the basis of fraudulent and unlawful conduct by the hospital with regard to the treatment of its patients, and claims by the patients for medical care which they had not received. The …


Class Action Lawsuit Against Express Scripts

Class action lawsuits are filed by individuals against corporations or companies, or a combination. The complaint states the specific injuries or harms suffered and requests that a court declare that the defendant is liable for those injuries. The damages sought may be in an amount greater than one million dollars. For class action lawsuits, the …