Electrolux Dryers Lawsuit

The victims of the fires that have been caused by Electrolux dryers are suing the company for negligence. The fires were not contained due to the plastic air duct, which provided more fuel. Plaintiffs contend that Electrolux was negligent by failing to recall, retrofit, and warn class members of the potential dangers of these dryers. They also claim that the company violated multiple state consumer protection laws. The plaintiffs in the Electrolux Dryers lawsuit are represented by Wexler Wallace LLP and Kreindler & Kreindler LLP.

lint build-up

This Electrolux Dryers lawsuit was originally filed as three separate class action lawsuits filed in 2012, each with its attorneys and expert witnesses. In 2013, these three lawsuits were consolidated into one lawsuit, based on a common claim – that lint build-up caused fires in the Electrolux Dryers. The lawsuit claims that Electrolux dryers were defective in design in terms of the lint trap and the circular heating element. The circular heating element was unique to the Electrolux and GE dryers, as it was combined with a ball hitch drum.

The lint build-up in the Electrolux dryer was a major cause of the fire. The dryers were designed to dry clothes efficiently and safely, but the design of their interiors allowed for lint to accumulate in hard-to-reach areas. Those who were affected could not inspect these areas, and lint could ignite and burn if the appliance is not removed.


If you notice that your Electrolux Dryers are overheating, there are several possible causes. First, you need to check if the heating element is properly functioning. When it is in good condition, the heating element responds well to temperature changes. As the device ages, however, it may shift, suffer circuit shortages, or even become broken. When this happens, the heating element may overheat, and the dryer will stop heating. If this is the case, contact a technician and get it repaired.

Another possible cause of the problem is lint buildup. If the lint is getting into the blower wheel, the filter is likely defective or poorly fitted. If you notice the lint building up, you should order a new filter and clean the blower wheel. If this does not resolve the problem, you may want to contact an Electrolux dryer repair technician for a professional diagnosis.

Burning clothes

The problem with Electrolux Dryers is that they can cause fires. The company has been charged with legal action to get back the $12 million they have paid out to policyholders and $300,000 in damages. The cause of these fires is a defect in the Electrolux dryer that allows lint to accumulate in hard-to-reach places and then catch fire. Electrolux dryers are also prone to overheat, which can lead to the burning of clothing.

A lawsuit has been filed against Electrolux by a prominent fashion designer’s estate, alleging that a Frigidaire Gallery Supreme Series dryer caught fire while drying clothes. Two consumers from New Jersey are represented by the Electric Insurance Company. These lawsuits follow an online campaign and complaints filed by consumers in the affected state. While these lawsuits are not yet finalized, the company’s reputation is at risk. If you own a dryer with this problem, it’s important to contact your local utility company immediately.


The court granted preliminary approval to a proposed settlement in the Electrolux Dryers fire lawsuit. Although Electrolux has denied any responsibility for the fires, the settlement covers specific consumers and future fires up to 10 years after the consumer purchased the dryer. As part of the settlement, class members will be eligible for cash rebates of up to $1300 for fire-related expenses, discounts on Electrolux appliances, and free cleaning services for their dryers.

Kelly Slabach, an employee of the company, was injured when the fire started when her dryer exploded, leaving her home damaged. State Farm Fire & Casualty Company, her insurer, paid her insurance claim for the fire damage. State Farm sued Electrolux to recover the money they paid on Slabach’s behalf. State Farm argues that the Electrolux dryer’s design was faulty and resulted in the fires.

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