Rockland County District Attorney Tom Walsh

The election of a new Rockland County District Attorney is causing quite a stir. After all, who better to run the legal department than a law enforcement veteran? And what about two former judges who have been convicted of crimes? Will anyone be safe in Walsh’s administration? Read on to find out. The Rockland County District Attorney will be responsible for implementing new criminal justice reforms, such as reducing the number of people who are imprisoned and requiring shorter deadlines to collect evidence, and the eliminating bail for some charges.

Tom Walsh

Thomas Walsh, the Rockland County district attorney, took the oath of office at his county offices on Wednesday. The term officially began three weeks ago, and his appointment comes at a critical moment for law enforcement. His first year as Rockland County District Attorney will include dealing with the first year of the criminal justice reform laws that will require stricter guidelines for evidence and bail. Additionally, Walsh will be dealing with the arrest of Grafton Thomas, the son of a wealthy New York City family.

Acting district attorney Kevin Gilleece

The Rockland County District Attorney’s Office has named Kevin Gilleece as acting district attorney. Gilleece is the successor to Thomas Zugibe, who held the post for more than a decade and then won a state Supreme Court seat. The two worked closely together in their jobs as DAs. In a statement, Gilleece thanked the police department and thanked the community for their support.

First assistant district attorney Barbara Gionta

Barbara Gionta has been a renowned criminal defense lawyer for many years. Previously, she served as the Rockland County Court’s senior assistant district attorney, where she was responsible for prosecuting crimes involving domestic violence. Gionta is also a former Orangetown deputy town attorney. She has been involved in the Rockland County Women’s Bar Association and chaired the group’s family law committee.

DiBernardo indictment

Robert DiBernardo, a former member of the Gambino crime family and a subordinate of John Gotti, has been indicted on charges of interstate commerce of pornographic films. He disappeared in 1986 after declining to meet Gambino boss John Gotti. There are theories that he was murdered by the Gambino’s hit man Sammy “The Bull.”

The indictment of Stephen Moore

The Indictment of Stephen Moore by the Rockland County District Attorney’s Office on April 13 is tragic news for the people of New York. The attorney worked for the prosecutor’s office for 30 years and was a successful lawyer who fought numerous high-profile cases. He was responsible for the conviction of a homicide suspect in West Nyack. But the tragic news is not all. Moore was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2014 and died last night. Despite his ill health, his family has begun a GoFundMe campaign in his honor.

Thomas Zugibe resigns as district attorney after winning state supreme court judgeship

After serving as a village justice in West Haverstraw for 18 years, Thomas Zugibe won a special election to be the district attorney of Rockland County, New York, in November 2007. He then resigned his district attorney position to pursue the state supreme court bench, a job he held until he won the election. Before his election to the state Supreme Court bench, Zugibe worked in the Medicaid Fraud Unit of the state Attorney General’s Office, where he rose to executive assistant of the major offenses bureau. In 1987, he went into private practice with attorney Arthur Ferraro, and he resigned his position to focus on his family. Peggy, his wife, is also a member of the North Rockland Board of Education. The couple

Office’s annual report

The annual report covers the work of the Rockland County District Attorney’s office. It also includes any other reports required by law. These reports must be filed with the Clerk to the County Legislature and County Executive. In Rockland, these reports are available online. They may also be obtained in hardcopy. Below are a few highlights from the report. These highlights are relevant to the public and may be of interest to the public.

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