How Can a Slick 50 Lawsuit Be Valid?

A Slick 50 lawsuit is a common complaint in the motor oil industry. But the company that made the product is not directly competing with the plaintiffs. The complaint says that the defendants are retailers who compete with the Slick-50 product. However, the plaintiffs do not state whether they sell the product. So how can …


What is a Zantac Cancer Lawsuit?

A Zantac cancer lawsuit is a legal claim that alleges that a drug’s active ingredient, ranitidine, contaminated water. This contaminant is toxic to human beings and is the cause of a rash, atypical cancer, or even death. It is a common occurrence for people to develop bladder cancer after taking the drug. In many cases, …

Personal Injury
Medical Malpractice

How To Prove Medical Negligence In Court

Medical malpractice often leaves victims devastated, with injuries or worst-case scenario, deceased. This, in turn, forces the injured party or their loved ones to press charges seeking damages. However, in order to increase your chances of winning this type of case, medical malpractice proof is necessary. So how does a plaintiff prove medical negligence in …

Product Liability Case
Liability Law

What Is a Product Liability Case?

Product liability refers to a manufacturer or producer of products that have placed unsafe, dangerous, or defective products in the hands of the consumer. If their carelessness or ignorance of safety results in physical emotional or mental harm to the user of their product then the manufacturer becomes liable. It is the responsibility of everyone …