Divorce Attorney Salary – How Much Does a Divorce Attorney Make?

If you’re wondering how much a divorce attorney should make, you’ve come to the right place. The average divorce attorney’s salary varies depending on several factors, including their education, experience, and the state they practice in. But a divorce attorney’s hourly rate isn’t always indicative of how much they bill. In this article, we will examine the average hourly rate for attorneys, which may be different from the actual amount.


The experience of divorce attorneys is essential to their success. As a divorce lawyer, you will be handling multiple projects. Your day may involve preparing briefs or negotiating with potential clients. You will have to deal with a variety of issues that arise during the divorce process and be able to work independently to resolve them. The education requirements for becoming a divorce attorney vary. Many attorneys start in a related field such as psychology, sociology, or social work. You must maintain a high GPA throughout your undergraduate years to be competitive for admission to a law school. Some employers look for work experience or other qualifications that make you a better candidate for the job.


The education of divorce attorneys requires specialization in a specific field. To become a divorce attorney, you will have to take courses related to family and martial law. Most law schools require an internship or externship during the second year, which will give you hands-on experience in a divorce law firm. The next step is to pass the state bar exam. These tests are offered twice a year, in February and June. The first portion of the bar exam is known as the Multi-State Professional Responsibility Examination, while the second is known as the Multi-State Essay Examination. The final part of the exam is called the Multi-State Performance Test.

Divorce lawyers must be well-versed in several legal areas and be sensitive to societal changes. Their jobs require them to work long hours preparing legal briefs and dealing with emotionally and psychologically distressed clients. As a result, the education and training they receive will determine the salary they will earn. And since they deal with emotionally charged cases, it is important to have the proper temperament and thick skin. However, a divorce attorney’s salary reflects only a portion of the work involved in a divorce case.

State of practice

A typical divorce attorney will earn between $77,000 and $129,000 a year, depending on their area of practice, experience, and the number of clients they represent. In addition to their salary, a divorce lawyer can expect to receive other benefits, such as health insurance, retirement contributions, and paid time off. The amount of money a divorce attorney will earn will also depend on the state in which he or she practices law.

Hourly rate

Before deciding on an hourly rate for your divorce attorney, you should consider the type of case. Most divorce attorneys charge a retainer for their services, which is a payment they need to keep to secure the legal representation of their clients. This retainer covers the number of upcoming hours that the attorney will bill, and acts as a down payment for the initial consultation. Most lawyers use retainers as a down payment for upcoming hours.

In Oklahoma City, for instance, the average hourly rate of a divorce attorney is $240 per hour. That amount is far less than the $848,000-plus annual average for the same type of case. The amount of cash you will pay for your divorce attorney depends on the complexity of your case and the level of experience of the individual you hire. For example, a senior partner may charge a higher rate than a junior associate. Legal support may be separately billed as well.

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