Zoloft Lawsuit

A handful of people in the world today are filing Zoloft lawsuit against GlaxoSmithKline without merit. This article intends to explain the situation and explain why they should have never been given the prescription drugs in the first place. Here are the facts:

Zoloft Lawsuit

The main problem with the original drug was that it contained a chemical called Sertraline. It is known to cause Zoloft lawsuit because it often caused people to feel depressed. They soon started showing signs of having anxiety attacks and they developed severe depression as a result.

This is the time when they knew they were exposed to something that could possibly kill them. Zoloft was never meant to be used on such a scale and they certainly should not have been accepting it at such a young age.

The original drug was pulled from the shelves after the deaths of many people.

Several lawsuits filed and GlaxoSmithKline was ordered to stop selling the medication. However, this did not happen. Instead, they increased the price of the medication and said that they would not allow any studies to be done on the possible side effects of the medication.

Many people sued GlaxoSmithKline and won their suits filed against the company. The increase in price of the medication caused many people to suffer and it was very important for these people that they sued.

It is true that there was an issue with one of the antidepressants being used in the case.

However, many lawsuits filed by patients who lost their lives did not include that fact. Instead, they simply focused on the company and said that they did not get enough information to make an intelligent decision.

Lawyers filed numerous lawsuits and all focused on one aspect. As a result, a lot of the information that was received was inaccurate. A lot of the lawsuits filed simply focused on money rather than the health issues which the plaintiffs were seeking to have changed in their lives.

Lawyers filed lawsuits against GlaxoSmithKline because they knew the medication they had approved was a dangerous drug.

They also knew that there were dangerous side effects associated with the use of the medication. However, they are still using this reason as to why they are being sued. The FDA knew about the issues with the antidepressant medication when it was approved and did nothing about it.

There has been extensive research done into different medications and GlaxoSmithKline was one of the medications that came up during those investigations.

Class action lawsuits are becoming more common in this day and age.

Many times, people simply don’t see that there is a reason for the problems. When there are risks and issues with a medication, a settlement is often agreed upon and that settlement covers all of the medical costs and losses suffered by the plaintiffs.

Zoloft lawsuits filed by the attorneys who won the class action lawsuits are often worth millions of dollars because of the health issues suffered by the patients.

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