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Unum Lawsuit Lawsuits in America

Unum lawsuit is one of the leading suits filed in recent years against medical providers and medical institutions. The suit is brought on the basis of fraudulent and unlawful conduct by the hospital with regard to the treatment of its patients, and claims by the patients for medical care which they had not received. The medical institutions deny the allegations of these plaintiffs, saying that these are mere cases of medical malpractice and that such lawsuits are completely wrong and groundless. However, this case has attracted a lot of attention not only because of the legal issues but also due to the issue of malpractices and deceit of the medical institutions.

It was in 2021, while filing an appeal against their long term disability benefits decision, that the Unum lawsuit was filed against the Medical Center of Union County in Mississippi.

The complaint alleged that the hospital deliberately misdiagnosed a patient with terminal cancer in order to qualify for medical benefits. The doctor’s report to the insurance company gave a wrong view of the patient’s illness, and the insurance company approved the claim despite this. When challenged by the lawsuit’s attorneys, the Union County claimed that they had never approved this claim. However, records were found to be missing, and the doctor had signed the claim the year before, thus placing it beyond dispute. It was further found that another doctor had given similar opinion to the insurance company without any knowledge of the patient’s illness.

When the lawyers for the plaintiffs asked the court to compel the Union County to pay up and provide disability benefits to the patients, Unum lawsuit was filed against them. The case was transferred to the district court of Pike county, where the case was heard under the circumstances identical to those of the Union County case. Unum vs. Pike county case was eventually decided in favor of the Union County in court. The court found that the company denied the disability benefits on purpose and hence, the claim for compensation was valid. A three-judge panel of the US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit affirmed the decision.

An appeal was then filed to the Supreme Court of the United States, but that request was denied by the conservative majority of the court.

This meant that the lawsuit could no longer proceed as the appeal would be denied consideration by the Supreme Court. This is what has happened with most of Unum lawsuit’s that have been filed over the years. Many of these claims were either filed by the victims or their relatives, while others were initiated by the attorneys general of different states or by the insurance companies themselves. The insurance companies deny the claims at all times and the victims are forced to accept long term disability benefits, which do not help them in any way.

In recent times, as the number of people filing for disability insurance policies has increased, so has the number of lawsuits filed against the companies. There have been many cases filed against the Union County Insurance company alone. One of these lawsuits was filed by a former employee who had worked for the company for almost 20 years. The lawsuit claimed that the company had failed to compensate him for many injuries which he had sustained during that time. His case was finally allowed to go to trial and was concluded in favor of the Union County Insurance Company. When the case was concluded, it was found that there had been several similar cases filed against Union County and that the company had in fact been negligent.

All these factors together mean that the only solution left open to Unum lawsuit victims and their families is to file a case in district court. This is because the insurance companies’ defense is that they are bound by insurance statutes to try to limit the damages that are recoverable by the policy holders. However, when a policyholder sues the company, the insurer is required by law to provide a reply, called an answer. If the insurer fails to answer within ten days, the claim would have to be filed in district court. Only if the insurer’s answer is found to be defective, or lies completely inaccurate, would the case actually proceed to a jury trial.

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