Nova Southwest University Lawsuit

The Nova Southeast University College has settled a lawsuit brought against the school by an out of state man who was denied a position as an adjunct instructor. The lawsuit came about due to a lack of consideration for the position requests.

Out of state applicants often fail to demonstrate enough local ability to effectively teach college courses. This is because these applicants fail to demonstrate the ability to be successful at the college level in their local jurisdiction. This lack of local experience causes many applicants to fail to make the grade levels required for college credit.

Nova Southwest University Lawsuit

In light of the situation, the legal team representing the plaintiff has decided to challenge the university’s decision to deny the teaching position. As you may be aware, this ruling is being challenged by other schools across the country. The argument is that a position such as this requires having a significant amount of teaching experience.

The plaintiffs are asking that the case be heard on the basis that it should be seen as a federal issue and that it is important that all teachers receive fair treatment. It is believed that if the case were to go to trial then there would not be sufficient evidence to support the conclusion that giving bonuses to professors is actually an illegal practice.

While the lawsuit is ongoing, the Legal team has decided to attempt to use the no-fault aspect of the case.

In previous decisions the legal team has won cases involving educational expenses being improperly billed. These past victories have led to the dismissal of similar lawsuits regarding college student benefits.

Although the plaintiffs are appealing the case to the court, they do realize that there is little chance of winning on the merits alone. Because of that they are planning on seeking a summary judgment, which would mean an initial ruling in favor of the defendant with regards to the no-fault basis.

In a similar vein, another lawsuit challenging a Southeast Conference on Higher Education’s (CHEA) scholarship program was also ruled in favor of the plaintiff’s team.

The plaintiff’s attorney is aiming to have the CHEA completely revamp their scholarship program and make it much harder for students to qualify. Although no specifics have been provided by the organization, the suit is seeking to eliminate the option for students to earn a scholarship based on race, gender, or disability. This would also include any preference given to mothers or fathers who are physically impaired.

Even if the judges do not strike down the Southeast Conference on Higher Education’s (CHEA) scholarship program, it could set a precedent for other educational institutions.

If the judges do agree with the lawsuit then it is likely the schools will have to come up with a new system to award grants and scholarships. Also, it may cause the schools to review their entire scholarship programs.

That could mean an overhaul to the process. However, the plaintiffs believe that if the courts accept their argument, then the process of educating the disadvantaged populations will be better for everyone.

Although the lawsuit is still pending, the university is already facing tough times financially.

The board of regents has asked the university to close all nine campuses for two years while the legal battle plays out. This means that there will be major layoffs at the school, which would affect the students the most.

However, the school has already stated that it welcomes the diversity and inclusiveness of the United States Conference of Mayors in moving forward with its plan to increase diversity and cultural awareness on campus. The lawsuit is likely just the first step in a long series of issues surrounding the university.

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