IKEA Dresser Lawsuit

In a recent dresser lawsuit, an alleged design defect caused a 2-year-old boy to suffocate and die while under a dresser. Jozef Dudek’s parents filed a lawsuit against IKEA on June 18, 2018. In the suit, they allege that the company failed to improve the safety of its MALM line of dressers. In addition, IKEA failed to warn consumers about the dangers of the dresser’s sloping surface.

KULLEN 3-drawer chests

The KULLEN 3-drawer chests were recalled in June after the consumer product safety commission (CPSC) found a faulty component in these units. The CPSC found that the units are prone to tipping over and causing injuries. The CPSC also recommended that consumers secure these units to a wall to prevent tipping incidents. The KULLEN 3-drawer chest was recalled in the U.S. and Canada.

In April 2019, IKEA recalled 820,000 of its KULLEN 3-drawer chests after consumers reported incidents of faulty products. The KULLEN dresser doesn’t conform to voluntary safety standards and can topple over when not secured to a wall. Unanchored dressers can cause entrapment and death, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The KULLEN 3-drawer chest weighs 45 pounds and stands 28 inches tall. The recall affects more than 150,000 units in the U.S.

The KULLEN three-drawer chests recalled by Ikea have a defect that causes them to topple over and crush children. The company has agreed to refund customers and issue a free wall-anchoring kit to those who bought affected models. As of August 12, 2019, all three-drawer chests in the affected model were not made to meet the updated ASTM 2057-19 standard.

The KULLEN 3-drawer chest is recalled due to a defect that could cause it to topple over. If you purchased a KULLEN three-drawer chest, you should anchor it to a wall if possible and keep it out of reach of children. IKEA will refund you the full purchase price, provide a free wall attachment kit, and provide free in-home installation services.

If you are unsure of whether to use the chest, it is important to seek legal help. There are several ways to pursue compensation for injuries caused by this product. You may be entitled to a reimbursement or even a free wall-anchoring kit. But, if the problem continues, you may be able to pursue a lawsuit. There are no guarantees, but it’s worth exploring your options if you have been injured or your child has sustained an injury due to this dangerous furniture.

KULLEN 2-drawer chests

The IKEA recall is now underway for over 820,000 of their KULLEN 3-drawer chests. These dressers are prone to tipping over if not anchored to a wall. The Consumer Product Safety Commission warns consumers that unanchored dressers can cause injuries or death. The KULLEN 3 chest weighs around 45 pounds and is 28 inches tall. The recalled pieces were sold in the U.S. and Canada from April 2005 through December 2019.

The IKEA dresser lawsuit focuses on the KULLEN 3-drawer chest. These chests were manufactured from April 2005 to December 2019. The company has already agreed to pay Jozef Dudek’s family $46 million, settling the lawsuit after he died under an IKEA Malm dresser. The company has agreed to conduct an outreach campaign to inform customers about the recall.

The IKEA website states that the KULLEN 3-drawer chest has been recalled. The recalled products must be securely anchored to a wall or otherwise be at risk of tipping over. In some cases, children may get trapped under the chest and be crushed. Fortunately, the recalled units were sold for $60 or less at an IKEA store. CPSC recommends consumers anchor these chests to avoid potential tip-over incidents.

A class-action lawsuit has already been filed in the U.S. district court in Pennsylvania over a similar issue. Several families, including Craig and Joleen Dudek of Pennsylvania, filed lawsuits against Ikea for failing to properly warn them of the danger of MALM dressers. They also urged consumers to anchor their dressers to a wall. Eventually, the company reached a settlement with three families for $50 million.

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