Dodge Ram Death Wobble Lawsuit

Do you have a Dodge RAM that is experiencing the death wobble problem? If so, you may want to investigate the Dodge Ram Death Wobble lawsuit. We will talk about the symptoms, possible remedies, and Chrysler’s lack of action. Read on to learn more about your legal options. Regardless of your financial situation, you must find out more about this issue. Then, we will discuss your options for filing a lawsuit.


A dodge ram death wobble lawsuit can be filed when you experience the shaky sensation in the front end of your vehicle. This condition can occur in any vehicle, but most commonly affects solid front axle vehicles, including the Dodge Ram. Death wobble can cause a driver to lose control of the vehicle and is not something to be taken lightly. While the situation may seem minor at first, it is often fatal to the driver.

In the early 2000s, Chrysler and Fiat Chrysler were aware of the defective steering system in Dodge Ram trucks. They took action to fix the problem in 2009, but the repairs were inadequate to stop the “death wobble” in some Ram models. Furthermore, Chrysler did not have enough replacement parts to repair every vehicle. As a result, customers faced long repair times. Fortunately, the government and other entities have stepped in to solve the problem.


Death wobble in a Dodge truck can be caused by worn-out tie rods. These parts connect the front and rear wheels at a pivot point. When one of these parts breaks, the car will shake violently and veer in opposite directions. In addition, the wobble can be debilitating and resembles demonic activity. It is believed that the wobble is one of the main reasons why some people call Dodge trucks demonic.

While death wobble isn’t a Dodge-specific problem, it’s a common issue among trucks with a straight front axle. While straight axles are more robust than their IFS counterparts, they can be finicky and prone to death wobble as components wear. In addition, the weight of the Cummins diesel engine can make the front end loose. If the front-end components need repair, the death wobble will be an early sign of a problem.


The Dodge Ram Death Wobble lawsuit outlines the various remedies available to victims of the defect. Defendant has offered to install a new steering damper in all affected vehicles and reimburse owners for the cost of repairs to fix the defect. Defendant, however, argues that the claims should be dismissed for lack of privity. This argument is unfounded and a faulty steering damper cannot be used to avoid a Death Wobble lawsuit.

A new class-action lawsuit was filed last April by the owners of a Dodge Ram pickup. The lawsuit alleges that tie-rods are defective in the truck’s steering system. Death wobbles can occur when the tire catches a groove and can’t be stopped until the car stops spinning. This case aims to recover compensation for consumers affected by the defect and to prevent other similar incidents from occurring.

Chrysler’s failure to fix the problem

If you own a 2008-2012 Dodge Ram, you are probably familiar with the problem relating to the steering gear. While Chrysler has issued several recalls for the problem, some did not affect your truck. Additionally, it wasn’t clear if any of the replacement parts would fix the problem. In late January of this year, Chrysler decided to make a major recall for this problem and reportedly issued some partial refunds to owners who had already repaired the steering gear.

As a result, the company has begun an investigation into the defect. Specifically, the failure of a tie rod on Dodge Ram trucks may be the cause of death wobble, which affects models 2500 and 3500. The recalled tie rod causes the wheels to splay out in opposite directions and may cause an accident. Even if you don’t get into an accident, the death wobble can be dangerous and cause injury.


A new recall has been issued for certain Dodge Ram trucks due to a potentially dangerous defect. The vehicle’s tie rod can fail, causing the wheels to veer in opposite directions. The problem is so severe that Chrysler has issued several recalls to address the problem. While the problem may seem small, it can lead to devastating consequences for drivers. Some drivers have reported losing control of their vehicles and causing at least four separate accidents.

The faulty steering mechanism in Dodge Ram trucks can lead to the “death wobble” phenomenon, a condition that causes the front end to shake violently, especially after hitting a pothole or bump. The effect of death wobble is terrifying, and a recall could be necessary to prevent a crash. In addition to being dangerous, death wobble can also cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles and veer off the road.


Many people are bringing a Dodge Ram Death Wobble lawsuit after their car has developed the problem. There are many possible causes of Death Wobble, but the most common problem is the OEM track bar. This vehicle had a major issue between 1994 and 2013. A simple solution is to replace the front track bar. It is the main cause of Death Wobble, along with radial bushing play. Fortunately, a simple repair can stop this problem in its tracks.

Defective tie rod assemblies are one of the causes of death wobble. The left tie rod assembly can break prematurely, causing the front end to shake uncontrollably at highway speeds. Because of the resulting instability, death wobble may lead to a crash. A free replacement of the tie rod assembly is available for those affected by the recall. To schedule an appointment, contact your dealer. You can file a lawsuit against Chrysler if you have suffered from this problem.

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