Da Vinci Surgical Robot Lawsuit Against Intuitive Surgical

While the Intuitive Surgical team has made a few confidential settlements in many Da Vinci Surgical Robot lawsuits, others are pending. Several complaints have revolved around hardware failures, including burns that cannot be seen by the surgeon and electrical current escaping from instruments. These problems have been addressed in recently recalled instruments, and some Intuitive employees have even sued the company.

Intuitive Surgical

The Intuitive Surgical Robot lawsuit alleges that the company failed to disclose the risks of the Da Vinci system to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA has warned Intuitive that it is liable for failure to adequately report adverse events resulting from the use of its robotic instruments. The company also failed to adequately clean the robot, which can leave the patient susceptible to more harmful germs.

Intuitive has declined to comment on the lawsuits filed by Franciscan Health and Kaleida Health. Intuitive denied that the company made its robots unusable by turning off the machine remotely. In addition, the company denied that it threatened hospitals with paperweights or exclusive deals if they did not approve its sales. The companies’ alleged actions violated the wishes of doctors and patients.

Regardless of the extent of damages, a settlement for an Intuitive Surgical lawsuit could potentially total tens of millions of dollars. The company has said that settlements would not threaten the company’s viability and are a strategic move to avoid bad press or losing cases. Despite the risks, the company’s stock has already doubled since the lawsuit was filed in late 2015.

Intuitive Surgical’s training program

Intuitive Surgical, the maker of the da Vinci XL robotic surgical system, has faced several lawsuits since the launching of the device. Health systems allege that Intuitive Surgical has forced them into years-long service and servicing agreements that limit how many times they can use their robotic instruments. They say the company has also undercut surgeons’ wishes by limiting the number of times they can use accessories.

The FDA has received nearly 4,600 reports of adverse events related to the da Vinci Surgical System and nearly 1.5 million procedures. Surgical errors can result in long-term pain and loss of income. In addition to financial losses, a patient may experience psychological effects that will last a lifetime. Those who have suffered due to a medical mistake deserve compensation. If you have experienced such a traumatic outcome, contact Gruber Law Offices, LLC today.

The training program offered by Intuitive Surgical is designed to increase surgeons’ motivation to perform more procedures using the robotic system. Intuitive Surgical claims that this high-pressure training program leads to more robotic surgeries. The company has responded to the lawsuit by putting aside $16 million in settlement funds. Intuitive is expected to release its settlement check this summer.

Intuitive’s training program

A Da Vinci Surgical Robot lawsuit versus Intuitive Surgical focuses on the manufacturer’s training program, not the product itself. Both companies offer robots for use in surgical procedures. Intuitive has also launched its own robotic surgery training program. A Da Vinci Surgical Robot lawsuit against Intuitive Surgical and its training program has recently triggered a heated legal battle.

According to Taylor’s family, her surgeon performed the surgery without proper supervision and training. The Intuitive company is responsible for Taylor’s injuries, and the manufacturer of the robot allegedly encouraged physicians to perform solo surgeries before they were ready. The lawsuit also alleges that Intuitive forced hospitals to reduce the number of time surgeons spend training on da Vinci to drive sales.

The Da Vinci Surgical Robot lawsuit is one of more than a dozen pending cases in Washington state. Intuitive has not pleaded guilty to the charges in the case, but it is facing a wrongful death suit for the death of Fred Taylor, a man who died after receiving da Vinci surgery. He died of complications following the surgery, which was performed without adequate supervision.

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