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Amtrak Accident Lawyer Sued Overpass Safety Violation

A new lawsuit has recently been filed in Washington DC stemming from the deadly 2021 Amtrak Cascades train accident near DuPont, Wash. The lawsuit, which was filed by the family of Timothy Brodigan, has been filed on behalf of Timothy Brodigan’s parents.

Mr. Brodigan’s parents, Robert and Ellen Brodsky, lost their son Timothy when the train he was travelling in derailed near Du Pont, Washington. The lawsuit is seeking monetary compensation for loss of wages and pain and suffering.

Lawsuit Against Amtrak

Amtrak has admitted to negligence in one regard, as they have previously said, that they did not test the train on the type of roads it was designed for before it left Washington State. It is interesting that the Washington State Department of Transportation recommended against such a testing, because they did not believe the train was safe enough to be placed on the roads in Washington State.

This is very similar to the way automobiles are tested for safety before they are placed on the roads. It should be noted that no major injuries have been reported in connection with these cars and trains accidents. There were, however, several serious injuries resulting from the accidents.

A personal injury lawyer in Seattle has represented many people that have been involved in these types of accidents.

This is because these lawsuits can only be brought in Washington State and the state and local governments are very familiar with these lawsuits and all the complications that they bring forth.

If you are involved in such an accident and feel that it was caused by Amtrak negligence then you must contact an experienced Seattle lawyer who will have your best interest at heart. Such lawyers will have the ability to ensure that you receive the most comprehensive compensation possible as this case will need to go to court.

Amtrak was sent into a crisis situation after the accident which claimed the lives of eight people.

Among those killed were two teenage girls. The accident happened near Duval Street in downtown Seattle when a train ran into a cargo train that was derailing near the terminal. The accident caused one of the train’s brake lights to go out but no other injuries were reported.

No one was injured in the accident and the National Transportation Safety Board will be leading an investigation into the accident and the maintenance record of the N Tracks.

This comes after the deadliest passenger train accident in history, which claimed the lives of three people. Injuries were so severe that two of the victims who were riding in the back of the train died while waiting for help to arrive.

As more information comes out about the accident and the legal implications it has for Amtrak, it will become increasingly important for passengers who were hurt in the accident to seek compensation with an experienced Washington State passenger train accident lawyer.

Anyone who was injured in this type of incident should contact a Seattle-based personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. The first consultation will most likely lead to an offer of settlement or a lawsuit for compensation.

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