A Chase Settlement Lawsuit

For the past three years, the plaintiff in a Chase loan modification lawsuit had thought he had a bad case.He had tried to follow the process as it unfolded, searching for every document that would prove his lawsuit’s merit. He had followed the proceedings of the courts, trying to find out what the delays were, and why. He’d written to the court, asking for more information or to file additional paperwork, but had received no reply from the courts. Then one day, out of the blue, a letter from one of the attorneys handling the Chase loan modification case caught his attention.

The letter was brief and quite terse.

It started with a thank-you for all the help you had given the plaintiff over the years, and then ended, “I hope this visit makes you feel better.” The attorney indicated that he was not working on the case anymore, and that he would be in touch. Well, almost instantaneously, the plaintiff thought that he had been shafted, and that some big payoff had been placed in front of him. But when the attorney spoke with the lawyer who had been handling his original lawsuit, the attorney explained that there was still hope.

The problem was, according to the attorney, it would take a little longer than usual for the case to reach a settlement, perhaps a year or two, at least.

The reason: Bank of America was so opposed to the idea of a Chase loan modification lawsuit settlement, that it would rather have us go to court and fight it out in court, than give up, get their money and end the dispute. In fact, they would probably even be willing to settle out of court, provided we could prove that they were at fault and should pay us what we wanted.

So the question remained.

Would I go forward and file for a Chase lawsuit settlement? What would be the outcome? Would the bank agree to do what is in the best interest of justice and fair play, or would they ignore all of our rights and keep going after our pockets?

We sat down with our attorneys and planned what needed to be done, and how we would approach the Chase bank.

We felt very good about this entire process. Our attorneys thought it was a very smart move on their part, as the bank had obviously felt the same way. In fact, they actually had leverage; we would be getting less money if we went back to court. So, they realized they had a chance to get the same deal from the government that we had in the prior settlement. It seemed to be a great plan, and we felt very good about it.

One week later, we received a call from the attorney general.

He explained to us that he had reviewed the whole case, and that he would be able to negotiate a reasonable settlement for our client. We are very happy, and we’re extremely grateful for the support our attorney has shown us throughout this process. We would like to continue to thank them for all their help, without which we simply wouldn’t have been able to achieve the settlement that we have now.

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